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Who's Behind
Blooms By Faith

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Looking for a floral designer with
8 years of experience? Who also has certifications in
Floral Design & Business as well as Wedding & Event Design?
...Well, that’s oddly specific of you...
Nevertheless, you’ve come to the right place.

With all that being said, this wasn't the plan, guys!

Sure, my dream was to go into the wedding industry,

but I never could have imagined that I would get to explain

my excitement and passions through my own business! 


Blooms By Faith was born out of the necessity of my desires

to show everyone I get in contact with that...

*Flowers are not just for special days.*

*Flowers are what make every day special.*

Every part of the human experience requires and deserves

a different form of floral design, that when done correctly

elevates each unique circumstance.


My approach to floristry is based around my favorite class I’ve ever taken,

which was learning about the Psychology of Floral Design

~ There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to flowers ~

and I LOVE the diversity that comes from specializing in this.

Knowing the “why” is the key to the “what” and “how.” 

Examples :

  1. The flowers you bring your Nana when you miss her are going to be different than the flowers that are gifted for an anniversary with a girlfriend or wife.

  2. The centerpieces for a baby shower are going to look quite different than how you’d decorate the Thanksgiving table.

  3. A graduation bouquet is entirely different from a wedding bouquet.

  4. What you send to your work buddy who just had a successful surgery should definitely be different than flowers being sent as a sympathy arrangement.

  5. And a Groom’s boutonniere should look different than the cookie cutter one he wore to his Junior prom.

Even the bouquets that I bring to my Subscribers are an ever changing

variety of seasonal colors, textures, and flower combinations all hand

delivered to spark joy in their homes.


When it comes to special events, floral decor choices are what define the mood

and atmosphere. Being rooted in the desired look and feel of a “get-together”

is what will make it a success. That’s where your handy dandy freelance floral designer comes in! It is a blessing for me to work with my clients, to bring them personalized creativity by being intentional and intuitive with my work. (And importantly, while making friends along the way)