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When To Hire Your Floral Designer?

Updated: Jan 2

#1 Most Important Action Item :

Get In Contact With The Florist Or Floral Designer You Want To Work With ASAP

To Make Sure They Have Your Wedding Date Free.

No Matter Where You Are In Your Planning Process, This Comes First.

Make Sure To Lock In Your Wedding Date With A Deposit As Early As Possible.

Vendors Will Not Hold Your Date Without A Deposit.

For Blooms By Faith This Can Be Done Either Before Your Proposal & Estimate Has Been Settled, Or Alongside The Signing Of A Contract


As A Florist, I Only Know How To Count By Dozens

- Thus - I Like To Break Things Down In 3 Month Intervals.

The Sooner You Can Lock In Dates And Get On A Payment Plan, The Sooner You Will Have Peace Of Mind That Everything Is On Track. Here Is A Breakdown By Months.

A Year Or More Out From Your Wedding Date :

Holy Cow, Look At You, Super Star! Nailing Down Vendors & Stuff. - It’s Never Too Early To Get On Top Of Things... But It Certainly Can Be Too Late! Popular Dates Book Out 12-18 Months In Advance. Especially If Your Wedding Date Is On A Holiday Or In Peak Wedding Season, Now May Be A Good Time To Start Your Relationship With Your Floral Designer.

9 Months From Your Wedding Date :

Now Is A Comfortable Time To Get Rolling With Your Floral Planning. At This Stage, A Lot Of Details May Still Be In Flux. You May Not Have A Final Head Count, But You Should Know The Size Of Your Wedding Party. Now Is A Good Time To Narrow Down Design & Color Preferences, & Get A General Idea Of What To Expect.

6 Months From Your Wedding Date :

Ceremony & Venue Details Should Be A Bit Clearer, Making Around Now A Good Time To Finalize A Contract & Get On A Comfortable Payment Plan.

If You Haven't Started, Now's The Time!

3 Months From Your Wedding Date :

You Will Probably Know Your Final Guest Headcount By Now. Knowing How Many Table Centerpieces You Need Should Be The Last Variable To Let Your Floral Designer Know About. By Now, You Should Have A Signed Contract & Plan In Place.

If You Have Not Started Yet, We’re Cutting It Close!.

Get In Contact With Your Wedding Florist Right Away To Start The Process.

Expect Less Flexible Spending Options & Lower Probability Of Your Date Being Available.

1 Month From Your Wedding Date :

Whether You’ve Procrastinated Thus Far Or You’re Eloping… It’s Going To Be A Whirlwind, But There’s Still A Chance. Come To Your Consultation Ready With All Your Answers & Be Ready To Pay In Full.

When We Hit The 1 Month Mark, I Like To Schedule A Final Consultation, To Touch Base & Make Sure We Have All Our Ducks In A Row. Having A Day-Of-Schedule & Getting All Your Vendors Connected Is The Best Way To Ensure Everyone Is On The Same Page.

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