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Getting The Most From Your Wedding Budget.

Updated: Jan 2

Where To Be Prudent So You Can Splurge!


Allocating Your Floral Budget Can Be Really Difficult With Large Wedding Parties & A Long Guest List.

Based On My Experience, My Advice Is...

1.) Focus On What Will Be Most Memorable.

2.) It's YOUR Wedding. Make The Spaces Your Own!

3.) Reuse & Repurpose!

If You've Invested In A High End Photographer & Videographer To Capture Those Beautiful Moments... Give Them Beautiful Moments To Capture!!


At Your Ceremony

No One Will Remember That Your Aisle Was Lined With Outdated White Bows With Baby's Breath - If You Feature A Show Stopping Backdrop To Your Ceremony.

Examples : Church Altar Floral Install Or A Ceremony Arch.

This Is What YOU & Your Loved Ones Will Be Looking At During Your Last Moments As An Engaged Couple, & The First Moments As Spouses.

We Are Talking About Creating A Stunning Focal Piece That Will Be In Every Ceremony Photo You Have Framed On Your Walls For Years To Come.

Pro Tip : Get The Most Out Of Your Other Arrangements By Having Them Brought To Your Venue!

Use The Urns Marking The Beginning Of Your Outdoor Aisle

[ OR ]

The Florals In Front Of The Church's Ambo & Altar

~ As Flowers That Feature Your Band Or DJ ~

Having A Memorial Or Lineage Of Love Table?

What About A Buffet Or Dessert Spread?

Those Bundles Of Flowers & Foliage From The Pews Are The Perfect Size!

And If Your Reception Is In A Tent... (Like Mine Was)

You Can Use The Pew Markers To Dress Up Those Metal Poles!

Plus, You & Your Guests Will Be Able To Enjoy All These Florals Up Close For The Rest Of The Night!


At Your Reception :

This May Be My Favorite Tip : Don't Work Overtime, Give Those Bouquets A Second Job!

If You Don't Have A Designated Place For Your Bouquets To Go, They Will End Up Being Left Around Taking Up Everyone's Tablespace.

Bonus Tip : I Highly Suggest Substituting The Mother Corsages For Mini Bouquets!

Whether It's On Your Sweetheart Table Or Placed Separately Around The Space,

Use Your Wedding Party's Bouquets Around Your Venue!

Those Details Of Flowers On The Bar, Gift Table, & Even In The Bathrooms Are The Touches That Guests Notice & Make A Big Difference... Leaving Them To Be Decorated With Separate Designs Will Add Up FAST.

These Designs Make The Space Your Own.

It's What Turns

- You Renting A Venue -


- Making The Venue Uniquely YOURS For The Day -


Centerpieces Are Literally In The Middle Of All The Conversations Had & Memories Made At Your Wedding.

(Plus, You Know Your Guests Are Sizing Them Up Hoping They Will Be The One Getting To Take It Home!)

Have You Ever Been At A Wedding Where The Table Flowers Are Too Tall To See Over?

There Is Actually A Size Ratio Designers Use To Keep That From Happening.

When Looking At The Guest Across The Table, The Flowers Should Come Up No Higher Than Their Chin... With Some Accent Pieces Coming Up No Higher Than Their Nose.

That Way, If The Music Is Too Loud - Your Guests Can At Least Try Reading Each Other's Lips!

For Tall Arrangements, Their Base Should Be See Through & Tall Enough That It Won't Interfere With Conversations Of Views... White Also Sturdy Enough That They Won't Get Knocked Over If Someone Bumps Into The Table. The Most Common Way To Do This Is A Tall Cylinder Vase Filled With Water, & A Large Arrangement Set On Top.

Pro Tip : Mix & Match Heights For An Elegant Look.

1/3 Of Your Centerpieces Be Very Low - Dish Arrangements

1/3 Be Medium Sized Arrangements - Footed Pedestals Or Vases

1/3 Be Those Tall Arrangements I Just Mentioned


Think About A Swoon-Worthy Floral Photo Op

For Your Wedding Party & Your Guests.

Now... Let's Talk About Taking Advantage Of That Beautiful Venue Of Yours!

A Gazebo, A Staircase, A Majestic Tree, A Bridge, Or A Fireplace Mantel....

Think Outside The Box To Create That Memorable WOW Factor.

I Am Always Happy To Do A Walk-Thru Tour Of Your Venue With You To Help With This.

These Floral Install Statement Pieces Bring The "OMG" Moment You & Your Loved Ones Will Truly Remember!

... Plus, It Give Your Guests The Opportunity For A Fancy Photo Op Themselves!

By Reusing & Repurposing Your Ceremony Flowers & Bouquets To Save On The Budget,

You Can Have The Big & The Small Details To Truly Bring Your Daydream To Life.

But How Much SHOULD Your Budget Be? Where Do You Even Start?

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