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Why’d Ya Have To Go & Make Flower Pricing So Complicated?

Updated: Jan 2

One Of My Favorite Florist-Fun-Facts Is That There Are Three Grades Of Retail Flowers.

(Okay Technically Four If You Count Local Little Farm Stands That Don’t Load Their Flowers Full Of Those Sweet, Sweet GMOs) - I Have Barely Started This And Already Made It More Complicated Than I Meant To. Let’s Get Back On Track.

First, There Are The “Cheap” Flowers You Find In Chain Stores.

Their Stems Are Short & The Blooms Are Small. Their Sole Purpose Is To Give You A Small Dopamine Hit Before They Wilt & Die In A Couple Days - Leaving You With Dried Out Leaves And Sad, Droopy Roses.

They Are The Bunches Giving The Rest Of Flower-Kind A Bad (W)Rap.

The Second Is The Florist Standard.

Longer, Stronger Stems - Bigger, Fuller Heads - & More Options To Choose From.

This Quality Matters & Makes A Difference As They Tend To Last Around Two Weeks.

Examples : Candlelight Roses, Shimmer Roses, Or Country Blues Roses.

Then There Are Wedding Quality Flowers.

These Are The High End Varieties Like Garden Roses.

Sometimes Being As Big As Your Hand When In Full Bloom & Beautifully Scented - Even Their Stems Are Thicker To Hold Their Massive Amounts Of Petals

Examples : White & Pink O’Hara Roses, Or The David Austin Roses.

Or Specialty Colored Roses.

These Are Typically A Newer Variety Of Rose With A Deluxe Color.

Examples : Cappuccino Roses, Barista Roses, Amnesia Roses.

~ I Used Roses As My Example Here, But This Point Extends To All Flower Varieties ~


Going Beyond Quality, Not All Flowers & Foliage Are Priced In The Same Way From The Very Beginning.

Some Are Sold By Their Weight (Baby's Breath & Most Foliage)

Others Are Sold By The Single Stem (Some Orchids)

- Or -

In Bunches Of Either

5 (Some Hydrangeas)

7 (Mums)

10 (This Is A Popular Bunch Size For Product Like Tulips, Gerbera Daisies & Common Accent Flowers)

12 (Some Garden Roses)

18 (Some Wildflowers)

25 (Roses & Carnations)

Or More (Wheat & Grasses)

Almost All Can Be Bought By The Box Containing Numerous Bunches In Each

- And Buying In Bulk Changes The Prices.


Another Thing To Keep In Mind Is That - From A Design Standpoint - Flowers & Foliage Have Different Values When It Comes To Practicality & Impact.

  • One Hydrangea Stem Will Take Up Much More Room In A Bouquet Than A Ranunculus. But They May Cost The Same.

  • One Stem Of Daisy Poms Are Around The Same Size As A Spray Rose, But One Is 3.5x More Expensive Than The Other.

  • A Tall “Spike” Flower Like Delphinium Or Larkspur Makes A Big Impact - But Doesn't Take Up A Lot Of Space In A Vase When Trying To Fill Out A Design.

  • Standard Carnations (One Flower, One Stem) Cost Around The Same As A Mini Carnation (5-8 Mini Flowers, One Stem)

  • A Sunflower Has One Flower Too, But Sunflowers Come In A Lot Of Different Sizes. From Jumbo, Medium, Standard, & Minis!

Roses Are Be Sold & Priced By The Height Of The Stems (40-70cm) & By The Variety & By The Color!!

Red Roses Will Cost More & Be Harder To Get Around Valentine's Day & Christmas

Pink & Purple Roses Become Scarce Around Mother’s Day & Easter

Those Trendy Rose Colors I Mentioned Earlier, Like Cappuccino, Barista, & Amnesia Can Be Near Impossible To Get Your Hands On During The Peaks Of Wedding Season. The Same Goes For Staple Wedding Flowers Like Varieties Of Whites & Cream Roses.


For All Florists, Even If We Order In Advance - Actually Getting All The Flowers That The Bride Has On Her Mood Board Is A Gamble. There Are No Guarantees And Florists Have To Be Ready With A Few Back Up Plans Just In Case The Flowers That Are Needed Are Unavailable… Or Too Expensive For The Budget.

The Prices Of Flowers Are Just As Complicated, And Worth Its Own Post.

Check Out My Post Linked Below For A Crash Course In What You’re Actually Paying For When You Buy Flowers.

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