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The Million Dollar Question Of Wedding Planning Is How NOT To Spend A Million Dollars On A Wedding

Updated: Oct 26

So You Turn To The Handy Dandy Internet To See Just How Much To Expect

The #1 Point I Want To Highlight Is Just How Much More Complicated Flowers Are From Any Other Vendor Or Service You’re Hiring To Help Create Your Wedding.

While DJs, Hairdressers & Makeup Artists Tend To Have Standard Prices & Packages - Floral Prices Change Like The Stock Market And Depend Heavily On A Number Of Factors I Talk About In The Post Linked Below

I Want To Give You A Peek Behind The Floral Print Curtain To Help You Make An Informed Decision On Your Wedding Budget.

Let’s Start By Answering This Big Question By Talking About Proportions… In The Same Way You Wouldn’t Serve PB&J Sandwiches At A Fancy Ballroom - Flowers Are A Detail That Is Very Obvious To Tell When It Has Been Splurged Or Skimped On.

Being The Focal Point For Photographers, Videographers & Guests - Floral Decor Is What Creates An Immersive Experience - Customizing A Venue, Glamming Up A Barn, Or Elevating A Backyard Into Your Special Event.

Generally, Couples Spend Around 10% Of Final Figure On Floral Designs. Some Spend A Little Less, Some Will Spend More If The Florals Are Important To Them. Sticking To This Percentage Creates A Cohesive Look Compared To The Overall Event. According To Value Penguin By Lending Tree, The Most Expensive State To Get Married In In The United States Is Massachusetts, With An Average Total Cost Of Over $30k In 2022. Making The Average Cost Of Wedding Flowers In Our Area $2,500 - $3,500.

The Word, Average, Is A Really Important Detail In That Sentence.

What If Your Wedding Is Smaller... Or Bigger Than The Norm?

What If You Don't Want Everything That Others Do...

Or Really Want Your Flowers To Make A Lasting Impact?

Check Out My Post, "What Is Average, Anyway?" To Find Out What You Should Be Expecting For You Personally.

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