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Wedding Flower Budget Guide

Updated: Jan 2

(Part 2)

So You’re Planning A Wedding - But Not Just Any Wedding - Your Wedding!!

The Day You’ve Been Looking Forward To!!

The One That You Will Look Back On & Cherish As One Of The Most Important Days Of Your Life.

It’s Finally Happening!! … Once You… Figure Out How To Make It Happen, That Is.

Flowers Are The Integral Finishing Touch To Getting To Live Your Daydream.

Couples Typically Spend A Minimum 10% - 15% Of Their Final Figure Of Their Wedding On Flowers.

(Example : If You Are Spending A Total Of $45,000 On Your Wedding,

Your Flower Budget Should Be At Least $4,500 - $6,750.)

However, If Flowers Are A Priority For You, &/or You Intend To Have Large Feature Pieces (ex. An Arbor, Floral Install, etc) Be Prepared To Invest 15%-20%+ Of Your Final Figure To Bring Those Memorable Designs To Life.

(Example : If You Are Spending A Total Of $45,000 On Your Wedding,

Your Flower Budget Should Be $6,750. - $9,000)

But What Does That Actually Mean?

What Are You Paying For And Why?

You Turn To The Handy Dandy Internet For Answers!


A Quick Search Will Show That “The Average Wedding Party Is 3-5 On Each Side”

But That Isn’t The Whole Story - That Only Counts Bridesmaids & Groomsmen.

It Does Not Take Into Consideration Your Entire Wedding Party.

Who Is In The Wedding Party?

Anyone Who Walks Down The Aisle Or Is A Person Of Honor.

(People Like Parents, Grandparents, Flower Girls & Ring Bearers.)

And They Aren’t The Only Ones Who May Need Flowers...

Some Couples Will Want To Highlight Their Loved One With Petite Bouquets, Corsages & Boutonnieres. People Like The Celebrant & Ushers - Close-Extended Family Like Uncles, Aunts & Godparents - Maybe A Dear Friend Who Had Just Finished Cancer Treatment - And Yes, Even Pets!

(The Largest Formal Wedding Party I Have Worked As A Florist For Was 31 People Total…. The Largest “Unofficial” Number Was For The Teacher Who Had Over 40 Of Her Past Students As Flower Children… It Was As Adorable & Hectic As It Sounds.)

Breaking It Down

Normally, Couples Should Expect To Budget $800 - $1,200 For Their Full Wedding Party.

If You Have A Larger Family, Or More Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Than Normal, You Will Need To Take That Into Consideration.

Plan To Spend Around $110 - $150 Per Extra Set Of Groomsman & Bridesmaid.

In General, Bouquets & Wearable Flowers Are The Most Photographed Detail - Along With Backdrop Arrangements. Floral Installs Like Arbors, Urns, Altar Pieces & Aisle Decor Are What Help Make The Ceremony So Special & Beautiful.

They Make Where You’re Getting Married Look Like Your Wedding.

Being Featured In All Those Glamor Shots By Your Photographer & Videographer - They Are Going To Be What You See Whenever You Look At Your Wedding Photos, And Most Likely Will Be In The Ones Hung Up On The Walls Of Your Home.


Now, Let’s Talk About Church & Ceremony Flowers… And How To Decorate Smart & Savvy.

I Am A Huge Advocate Of Reusing As Many Of These Arrangements As You Possibly Can.

Locations May Vary, The Overall Idea Stays The Same.

If You’re Getting Married In A Church, The Altar Is So Much More Than Just The Backdrop Of Your Wedding Photos. It’s The Beginning Of Your Lives Together As Spouses In Union With God. These Can Be Some Of The Most Special Moments Of Your Entire Day — Because In The End, This Is What It’s All About.

Knowing There Will Be A Ton Of Photos From Different Angles, Here Are Some Ideas To Think About.

It’s Typical To Have Flowers In Front Of The Altar As Well As By The Podium/Ambo Your Readers Will Be Speaking From.

Will There Be One Arrangement In Front Of The Altar, Or Two Because Of Its Size?

Are There Any Special Saint Statues You Want Featured With A Small Arrangement In Front Of?

If There Is A High Altar Infront Of The Communion Table Or Side Altars, Giving Them Arrangements Not Only Brings Everything Together - But Also Gives You More Arrangements To Work With Later At Your Reception.

These Floral Pieces Can Be Perfect For Those “Extra” Tables (Card, Gift, Memorial, Etc)

How Many Pews Are There? Pew Decor & Altar Urns Play Amazing Double Duty In Saving Money When Decorating Your Venue Later On.

If You’re Getting Married At Your Venue Or Another Destination, There Will Almost Always Be An Arbor, Chuppah, Or Some Sort Of Backdrop For Your Vows.

Are You Planning On Having Any Arrangements Or Floral Installs?

These Can Be Stunning Statement Pieces That Really Bring The “Wow” Factor.

Aisle Decor & Urns Elevate A Venue To Become Special Representations Of Your Unique Tastes.

Will Your Guests Be Sitting In A Row Of Chairs? Jazz Them Up With Mini Bouquets!

(And Again, Nearly Everything Can Be Reused Later On To Get The Most Mileage Out Of Your Flowers)


Transitioning To The Reception!

Centerpieces Are How You Achieve The Overall Vibe For Your Special Day. They Are What Bring The Vision Of Your Wedding Out Of Your Pinterest Board And Into Reality. Gifting Centerpieces To Family & Friends At The End Of The Night Is Also The Perfect Way To Thank Them For Being So Special To You. Being Literally At The Middle Of Their Table, Every Guest Will Be Getting Up Close And Personal With Your Centerpieces.

Table Arrangement Prices Vary Depending On The Size, Style, Flowers Used, & Of Course - Quantity. Most Tables Sit 8-10 People, & Most Couples Invite Around 150 Guests (Not Including The Wedding Party)

Roughly, Couples Budget $85 - $200 Per Table.


So Far, We Have Covered Possible Prices For Your Floral Designs...

But We Have Yet To Talk About Paying Your Floral Designer.

Bringing Your Dream Wedding To Life Is My Full-Time Job.

Blooms By Faith Is My Passion As Well As My Sole Source Of Income.

By Specializing In Weddings & Special Events, My Business Is Focused On Bringing The Greatest Value To My Clients.

I Personally Pick Out All My Flowers To Ensure The Highest Quality - Followed By Taking Proper Care & Handling Best Practices When Processing Fresh Product...

Stem By Stem. Leaf By Leaf. Petal By Petal.

The Week Leading Up To A Wedding Is Blocked Off On My Calendar To Ensure All My Efforts & Attention Go To Your Special Day - There Is A LOT To Do & It Takes A LOT Of Time.

(It Takes An Average Of Around 30 Hours From Flower Pick Up To Wedding Day Delivery)

My Personal Hourly Wage Is Based On My Experience In The Wedding Industry & Talents In Specialized Floral Design.

Some Services, Labor, & Fees Include :

Hard Good Supplies, In Studio Designing, On-Site Designing, Bouquet & Floral Delivery, All Travel Costs, Ceremony & Venue Set Up, Hiring A Floral Sidekick, Vendor's Insurance, Etc

Thankfully, I Do Not Have The Extra Overhead Costs That Brick & Mortar Shops Have To Charge. Being Freelance, I Have A Full Design Studio In My Home, & My Personal Vehicle Was Purchased With Large Events In Mind. (My Car’s Name Is Jackaroo, The Subaru Florister)

Factor In $1,500 - $2,000 Depending On How Large Your Entire Wedding Order Is.


Do You Want The Centerpieces To Be Tall, Or Short?

What Flowers Do You Like?

What Are Your Wedding Colors?

What Shape Do You Want Your Bouquet?

How Are You Decorating Your Sweetheart Table?

Will There Be A Bar, Buffet Or Dessert Table?

What About Card, Gift, Or Memorial Tables?

Any Cocktail Hour With Tables?

Does Your Venue Have Fireplace Mantles Or Other Focal Points?

Is There A Hallway With A Grand Piano Or Room With An Empty Table?

Outside, Is There A Picture Perfect Tree Just Ready To Be Made Into A Grand Photo-Op?

Want To Elevate Your Photo Booth To A Destination Worth Posting On Instagram?

Need To Decorate That Shabby Chic Barn Into True Romance?

Let’s At Least Jazz Up The Backyard Wedding So It Looks Different From The Annual Family Cookout!

Whether This Seems Daunting & Overwhelming, Or You Are Excited With A Thousand Ideas Of Your Own, You Are In Good Hands. This Is My Expertise & Passion. My Entire Business Is Dedicated To My Career As A Wedding & Event Designer. I Love What I Do & Will Personally Take Care Of You Every Step Of The Way.

Want To Learn More About Booking Your Free Consultation & Getting These Questions Answered?

Check Out The Contact Page & Let’s Bring Your Dream Wedding To Life - Together!

Looking For More Budget Tips?

Click The Button Below For The Next Wedding Budget Quick Read.

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